About the Cure League

Millions of people worldwide suffer from sickle cell disease — a common genetic blood disorder — and its potentially fatal complications.

The Cure League raises money for sickle cell disease research, clinical care, and increased awareness about this painful, life-threatening disease.

Cure League Goals

Cure League members and benefactors will work together to fund research studies and develop sickle cell disease educational outreach with end goals of:

  • Finding effective new sickle cell disease treatments
  • Identifying a cure for sickle cell disease
  • Expanding patient access to comprehensive sickle cell disease care
  • Increasing public awareness and reducing the stigma associated with sickle cell disease

Help the Cure League Defeat Sickle Cell Disease

Dedicated researchers and medical professionals at the University of Pittsburgh’s Vascular Medicine Institute and UPMC need your help and resources to make a difference and end the suffering caused by sickle cell disease.
Get involved in the Cure League for sickle cell disease today and learn about the many ways you can help.

» Learn more about current sickle cell disease research and clinical trials.